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HomelatestABN, TV5 Bagged Bad Name In A Sting Survey

ABN, TV5 Bagged Bad Name In A Sting Survey

ABN And TV5 Bagged Bad Name In A Sting Survey

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In the recent times, some leading Telugu media and news channels have been ridiculed for airing programmes which create the rift among people just for the sake of TRPs. even though those channels back themselves as 4th Estate of society with special rights, these alleged channels are proved to be bad in a special sting operation.A popular news website Cobrapost which is famous for revealing actual truths in all fields with their secret surveys conducted a sting operation in India.

They concentrated on top channels regional wise across India by luring them with money. Members of this organization split themselves into groups and contacted top media houses like TV9, ABN, TV5, and others. Among all, the channels ABN and TV5 proved to be creating fights among the people. The members approach media heads and ask them to run Hinduism backed debates for some days and then they ask to back particular political parties to alter the electoral polls. For the money, these 20+ channels in India agreed to accept money to run these programmes despite good and bad. Their motto proved to be only money and sensation despite journalistic ethics. After a sting operation, the website released the videos of conversations with the channel heads in two parts.

In Telugu, the pro-TDP Channel ABN agreed its support to TDP as its Chief Marketing Manager E V Seshidhar in the released video declared that their channel is the official broadcaster of TDP Government in AP. He went further and declared that his MD RK and Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu belongs to the same caste so their MD uses caste card in Channel. The same happened with the TV5 as well as its senior manager agreed to run anything they want if they offered money.

If this is the present scenario of some leading Telugu Channels, then the common TV viewer would hesitate to believe the news aired by these channels. Already some viewers got vexed with the programmes in ABN and TV5. Netizens ask Government to impose this free media to reduce social rifts among the citizens.

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