Another Senior Leader Of T-TDP To Leave The Party?

Senior Leader Motkupalli Narasimhulu Quit Into Tdp

Senior Leader Motkupalli Narasimhulu Quit Into Tdp

Posted May 26, 2018, 3:27 pm at 15:27

The TDP camp of Telangana is getting cracks everywhere as its National Chief fail to keep the party and leaders united. The senior leader Motkupalli Narasimhulu held a press meet against his boss CBN the other day.Not many knew that all is not well between Motkupalli and CBN as they are not on good terms these days. This TDP MLA asked his head to take action against him for his press meet against him. According to this senior TDP leader of Telangana, some leaders have said something bad against him to CBN and the latter believed them.

So he challenged Naidu to prove all allegations on him and if they appear to be true, Motkupalli promised to rub his nose on the floor of CBN’s house. He alleged that CBN despite his advisers failed to do good for Mala and Madiga communities whereas the CM of Telangana, KCR is trying hard to develop the backward communities such that he offered Rajya Sabha seat to a leader belong to those communities. Narasimhulu declared that CBN lost it the moment he trusted the firebrand Revanth Reddy who backstabbed the party and joined Congress for his future. Answering about his future plans of joining TRS, Motkupalli opined that time will decide anything but he stressed on TDP-TRS alliance would bring results.

Analysing each and every word of this leader, it is very much clear that if there is no alliance between these two parties, he is ready to shift loyalties to TRS soon prior to the elections of 2019. Motkupalli bombed at the end of the press meet by declaring that CBN intentionally kept him far to the Mahanadu meeting held recently and is not giving his appointment. Seems another big wicket is going to get down in the T-TDP camp.

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