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HomelatestABP News Survey Suggest The Win Of Mahakutami In Telangana

ABP News Survey Suggest The Win Of Mahakutami In Telangana

The most awaited poll surveys of the National media ABP News’ survey on the State of Telangana has been out the other day. However, the results are quite astonishing as the media predicted Mahakutami’s win in the newest State of India. Likewise the former Congress MP Lagadapati Rajagopal’s surveys, the ABP News polls to considered as one of the accurate surveys regarding Political battles.

Congress MP Lagadapati Rajagopal’s surveys

Last time, it predicted a thumping win of BJP in Lok Sabha and it happened to be a reality. In the released results of Telangana, ABP News gave as many as 64 seats to the Mahakutami Alliance in Telangana which was lead by Congress. Surprisingly, it gave just 42 seats to the TRS which is in a confidence to regain Power at any cost.

MIM and Independents

The remaining nine seats were distributed among the MIM and Independents who will later join either Mahakutami and TRS post the polls. These numbers are leaving TRS in a huge shock. Speculated to be a pro-BJP Channel, ABP limited BJP to just 4 seats in Telangana.This is a sweet piece of news for the Mahakutami in Telangana State which is still arranging seats for the partner parties of TDP, TJS and CPI. December 7th is the D-day for this Political battle in Telangana.

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