Wednesday, July 6, 2022
HomelatestShivaji Surfaced With Allegations On Telangana CM

Shivaji Surfaced With Allegations On Telangana CM

The actor turned Political activist Shivaji who has been silent post the Kodi Kathi attack appeared out of nowhere. Proving this support to the AP ruling party TDP, he lashed out at the TRS Chief KCR for creating obstacles to AP’s development.

This Operation Garuda fame in his recent press meet alleged that the Telangana CM KCR is jealous with the way AP is going forward in terms of development. He pointed out at T-Govt’s interference in AP’s votes affairs and accused the TRS leaders that they are intentionally troubling the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu only to stop AP’s growth. According to this actor, KCR has done nothing to Telangana in the happened term compared to CBN who developed AP like anything. Shivaji claimed that KCR didn’t complete on project nor one landmark building while CBN is sweating out to complete big projects like Polavaram and Amaravathi. Shivaji stated that KCR’s main motive is to stop CBN of gaining power for the second time as he might register record growth rates than that of Telangana.

Shivaji backed his claims by uttering that just the annual budget of AP being 1000 crores to that of Telangana itself is enough to make KCR sleepless. On contrary to Shivaji’s claims, political experts opine that there was no phenomenal growth under CBN’s ruling and the CM failed to bring Special Status to the AP despite its friendship with BJP in the first three years of his current term.

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