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TDP’s Master Plan To Counter Kodali Nani

Some constituencies are considered as most prestigious to any party and the leaders would go to any extent to win them. One among such places is the delta region fame Gudivada segment in Krishna district. TDP is now got its eyes to conquer it at any cost,

Gudivada constituency is ruled by the powerful leader Kodali Nani. This YSRCP MLA is one of the few leaders who regularly criticize the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. Despite many trails, Nani showcased his reluctance of leaving YSRCP as he hates CBN to the core. Winning against such leader might be a tough case so TDP is going for the new strategy. Last time, it fielded leader Raavi Venkateswara Rao but lost miserably. This time, Instead of Raavi, CBN is bringing in the youth leader Devineni Avinash to contest as an MLA for the first time against Nani. Avinash has decent following in Gudivada because of his family’s name and this young blood is currently holding the position of TDP Youth wing President already. So if Raavi’ group obeys and supports Avinash, then there are chances for TDP to get this seat under its kitty.

But Nani is speculated to be strengthened his Arsenal this time. With a mission to make his boss Jagan to become the CM of AP in the elections, he is working restlessly with aggressive campaigning to dethrone Babu. One has to wait and see Janasena’s role whichight influence the vote bank in this constituency to speculate the final winner.

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