Adinarayana Reddy Indecent Comments On Jagan

Adinarayana Reddy Indecent Comments On Jagan

The cabinet minister of TDP, Adinarayana Reddy showcased his loose tongue once again on the Opposition leader Jagan. This Minister’s remarks on his ex Boss has irked the entire camp of YSRCP.YSRCP Supreme made unbearable comments

Already the YSRCP Supreme made unbearable comments on the Janasena Chief and degraded himself in AP Politics. The TDP Minister Adinarayana hit a new low in the AP state politics with his unparliamentary comments on the Kadapa leader Jagan. This ex MLA of YSRCP who shifted his loyalty towards TDP for the sake of Ministry slammed Jagan by comparing him with Stray Pigs. responding to YSRCP spokesperson Vijaya Sai Reddy’s comments, Adinarayana Reddy made these hot lines and hit the headlines today. Not stopping there, he declared that Jagan got no Karisma and all the seats filled by YSRCP in 2014 elections have nothing to do with the name Jagan. Adi questioned if Jagan’s name did the magic, then why could not he made his own mother Vijayamma win in the last elections.

 TDP defected Minister made news with his tongue.Day by day the comments across the rival parties are increasing resulting in hot debates among the media channels. This is not the first time this TDP defected Minister made news with his tongue. It takes one counter on him to test his patience. Voters are calmly watching these new developments in AP Politics.


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