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KCR blocks PK’s “Agnathavasi”

Agnathavaasi Movie Premier Show Permission Denied in Hyderabad

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Telangana Government made an official announcement today, confirming that they have denied the permission for Agnathavasi premier shows in the state. The state apparently gave reasons for denying permissions citing possibilities of stampeding and other security-related issues at the theatres.

KCR denies Agnathavasi premier shows

Cinema theatres like Mallikarjuna, Bhramaramba, and RK that have already made all preparations for premier shows. They are only waiting for approval from Telangana State Government for premier shows but are pretty disappointed with the move.

We already know that AP government has already granted approvals for Agnathavasi special shows from Jan 10th to 17th. Due to this reason, the theaters get the opportunity to screen midnight and also at 10 am in the morning.

TS Government blocks Agnathavasi Movie

With just another day to go, Agnathavasi, Pawan Kalyan’s 25TH film has mammoth high and talk of the film will be out in hours as special shows will start from today’s midnight itself in Andhra Pradesh.

Whatever reasons have been given by the KCR government, fans from TS look pretty disappointed and so are theatre distributors. Speculations are also that, in the recent controversy taking full coverage on TV channels, about film Critic Kathi Mahesh, the government is looking into every security aspect in relation to fans mobbing the theatres in the odd hours may also go out of control.

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