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Exclusive: Did Rajinikanth make a blunder with his first move, ‘Spiritual Politics’?

Rajinikanth blunder with Spiritual Politics?

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Tamil Nadu politics have become more interesting than a nail-biting finish between India and Pakistan. After the death of former CM Jayalalitha, the political equations in Tamil Nadu changed rapidly. Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics when everyone ruled him out. His inclusion in TN politics made things more complicated and worse. It was observed that even Kamal Hassan had slightly toned down his voice on social media with Rajini’s entry. The effect of Rajinikanth is mammoth on the state politics.

His fans and Tamil people were taken back after Rajinikanth announced that his party would fight for ‘Spiritual politics’. Many mistook it as ‘religious politics’ and linked Rajinikanth to BJP. Even the presence of ‘Lotus’ flower in the logo that was in the background of Rajinikanth’s political announcement speech sent similar signals to a common man. Though Rajinikanth removed the lotus flower from the logo and came up with ‘Apana Mudra’ and a ‘Snake’ encircling it, the common was left scratching his head to know the difference between spiritual and religious politics. Such is the situation in Tamil Nadu.

People often consider BJP as a synonym for religious politics. The party hardly has any foothold in the state and is desperately trying to make its presence felt. Meanwhile, the ‘spiritual concept’ introduced by Rajinikanth is far from the reality. ‘Spiritual’ politics mean; politics free from the influence of caste and religion. The main goal of spiritual politics is to achieve truthful, clean and straightforward politics.

Will Spiritual Politics work in our society?Rajinikanth blunder with Spiritual Politics

We live in a society, where voters take money to vote for a given leader. Who is at fault? Is it the voter who is taking the money? Or the contestant who is offering the money? It is highly debatable. Given this kind of situation, is it really possible for a voter to stand upright? Reject the money he is being offered during the election campaigning? Can he proudly say ‘I’m not for sale’? No. He cannot. If not everyone, at least 95% will not reject the money being offered.

No wonder Rajinikanth speaks about ‘spiritualism’ and ‘spiritual’ politics. He has lived a life of a king, at least from last 2-3 decades. He might have realized happiness is more important than money. But that is not the case of an average working citizen. A common man has to strive for his livelihood each day. Whatever may come, and whatever may happen, he still needs to go to work every day. For many living in the society, happiness and luxury are linked with money. Spiritualism cannot feed him or can get his children educated. Everywhere it is money, and the hunger for money in the society has become so much, that many people are ready to do anything for money; be it a murder, theft or vandalizing.

For such kind of society, can Rajinikanth’s ‘spiritual politics’ mean any sense? Isn’t it foolish to preach about spiritualism to someone who is starving? If this is the way, Rajinikanth has chosen, one can say, he will meet the end of the road very soon.

 Is there a way out?Rajinikanth blunder with Spiritual Politics?

Definitely, there is a way out for the cinema superstar, to become a superstar in politics too. The primary responsibility of any political leader is to concentrate on the rising and prevailing socio-economic problems. Yes, Rajinikanth’s aim and dream of ‘spiritual politics’ is really inspiring and commendable, but not in a day-to-day life. The superstar must come out with various welfare schemes, without burdening the economic resources and at the same time. The change should come in a step-by-step manner. Nothing can be achieved overnight. And one shouldn’t expect the people to come out of their ‘nature’ of being habituated to corruption, bribery and indiscipline in their social lives. It can take a decade, or even a couple of decades, to bring a change what Rajinikanth is aiming to achieve under ‘spiritual politics’. Most of the voters wish for a government that showers subsidies, free usage of public services and welfare schemes that demand the least documentation, and verification. No one is interested in a government that cuts down the subsidies for unqualified people, puts a price on the exploitation of public services, and demands discipline at the social level.Rajinikanth blunder with Spiritual Politics?

Rajinikanth should be more careful in choosing the path towards his ultimate goal. He should be prepared to face reluctance and resistance, given his political ambitions, from the same people who have made him ‘demi-god’. The path to the destination is more important than his determination and dedication to better the lives of millions in Tamil Nadu. If that is not put into practice, Thalaiva should digest the fact that, someone who is starving, doesn’t give a damn about his ‘spiritual politics’.

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