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Agnathavasi 2nd single, ‘Gaali Vaaluga’ Review!

Agnathavasi 2nd Song ‘Gaali Vaaluga’ Review!

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The Agnathavasi team has released the 2nd single ‘Gaali Vaaluga’ from the movie. The song comes as a fresh breeze with a hummable melodious tone and a soothing voice. It is easily understood that it is a romantic number from Anirudh this time.The song starts with, ‘gaalivaalugaaokagulaabivaali, gayamainadeenagundekuthagili…’

After giving a peppy number in the form of ‘Baitakochi Chuste’, Anirudh has once again proved why he is unique and how special he is. The song has some very good lyrics, which are rare to come by in recent times. Though the lyrics are trendy and fashioned, they give the song a beautiful meaning.

The song’s tune may not be as catchy as ‘Baitakochi Chuste’, but surely it’s a slow poison number that will go through your heart and into your soul slowly and deeply. Anirudh who is known for his mass numbers has come with a classy melody tune.

If the director manages to pull off beautiful visuals blended with Pawan Kalyan’s mannerisms and style, it is ought to be remembered for long times to come by. One can expect Pawan to be at the back of the Keerthi Suresh, humming this beautiful number for her.

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