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Husband says, ‘she is a prostitute’ and Wife says, ‘he is an HIV Patient’

Controversial Comments About Vijay Sai and His Wife

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The relationships in the society have been facing the brunt of the evolution of mankind. It has gone from bad to worse in the last decade or so. The recent suicide of Telugu comedian Vijay Sai clearly highlights the severe repercussions of a broken martial life between a wife and husband.

Just before committing suicide, Vijay Sai had made a selfie-video. In that video, he alleged that ‘My wife and her mother are prostitutes. I never wanted my daughter to grow in such kind of environment with them. And I can’t live without my daughter.’ it looks like he has forgotten the fact that, his wife is also a mother to his daughter.

After visiting Vijay Sai’s dead body, his wife Vanitha Reddy too reacted. She went on to say, ‘I never harassed Vijay Sai for money. I myself caught him with many girls in the past. He had multiple affairs too. That’s the reason I had to ask for divorce with him. He might have committed suicide because of his illness. He told me that he was diagnosed with HIV.’ In this case, even Vanitha Reddy might have forgotten that Vijay Sai is the father of her child, and what impact her comments on her husband might have on the innocent child.

Passing such kind of derogatory comments on each other not only is disrespectful and humiliating but also will have a grave impact on their children.

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