‘Agnathavasi’ One-minute Teaser- Mind-blowing!

‘Agnathavasi’ One-minute Teaser- Mind-blowing

‘Agnathavasi’ One-minute Teaser- Mind-blowing!

Posted December 17, 2017, 3:27 pm at 15:27

It lasted just around one minute, and it’s worth the wait. Yes, I am talking about Agnathavasi teaser and to describe it in one word it is just “mind-blowing”.

All one could see in the teaser is none other than Pawan Kalyan. In spite of the presence of other actors in the teaser, it is PK, who took away the limelight. The stature of Powerstar is such that rest have disappeared in a flash in this promo. Trivikram knows how to project his good friend given his superstardom, he only focused on PK and gave a slight twist to the trademark mannerism of Powerstar to make fans go mad.

The cast, extravagant sets, and splendor give a hint that Pawan Kalyan is portraying a larger than life image in the movie. The romance with Keerthi Suresh and Anu Emmanuel are definitely going to be a special attraction. Comedy scenes between Rao Ramesh and Murali Sharma added a twinkle to the teaser.

Pawan Kalyan looks extremely good in a sequence where he places his foot on the sofa.

Anirudh’s music, Manikandan’s camera work, Ravi Prakash’s Artwork and production values of Haarika and Haasini Creations are extremely good. Both Trivikram and Pawan surely left a mark of their own in this movie. We can expect a grand release on January 10th, 2018 and fans already say it is another PK blockbuster.

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