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Aircraft Tires Burst While Landing At Shamshabad Airport | MLA Roja In The Flight!

Aircraft Accident Shamshabad Airport In Hyderabad

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Indigo flight 6E 7117 is scheduled to fly from Tirupathi Airport at 08:55 pm and reach Hyderabad RGIA (Rajiv Gandhi International Airport) at 10:30 pm. As the flight reached the premises of the RGAI, the pilot received the permission from the command centre to land the flight.

During its landing procedure, the flight tires suddenly burst, giving rise to flames. Though the flames were not serious, the tire burst incident gave nightmare to everyone on the flight. With the tires bursting, the aircraft was stranded on the runway. The firemen immediately rushed to the spot and put off the small fire. The pilot immediately informed the passengers about the incident.

Everyone in the aircraft is reportedly safe, and no one suffered any injuries. YSRCP MLA (and former heroine) Roja was also in the flight at the time of the incident. She took to social media, thanking Lord Venkateshwara, the major deity in Tirupathi for saving her life, and the people on board the aircraft. 77 people were on board at the time of the mishap.

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