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HomelatestPM Modi’s Gujarat Tops The List In Counterfeit Currency Notes

PM Modi’s Gujarat Tops The List In Counterfeit Currency Notes

Is Modi Winning Fake Currency Notes War In Gujarat

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi always boasted about the development activates and welfare programs that he carried out during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Shockingly, it is the same state that is now topping the list in ‘Counterfeit Currency Notes’. Though the BJP leaders might stay away from debating about this, the truth doesn’t change.

The statistics are provided by the Central government itself. The latest report released by the National Crime Records Bureau exposed that, Gujarat is leading the race accounting for over 34% of the counterfeit currency being printed in the nation.

‘After the demonetization exercise, many ‘big shots’ who are having high profile links and political links are printing counterfeit currency notes in the major cities of Gujarat. These printing presses are located in the major cities of the state. These counterfeit notes are then sent to Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru for circulation. We are sure that a political leader is supporting them’, said an official.

The police seized counterfeit currency worth Rs 6.77 crores between January 2017 and February 2018. Out of this, Rs 2.31 crores have been seized in Gujarat, and Rs 1.23 crores have been seized in Mizoram.

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