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Akhil impressed by a girl… who is it?

Akhil impressed by a girl With a Message

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Akkineni Akhil’s re-launch movie ‘Hello’ is receiving all the positive talk and response from not only Akkineni fans but also from all movie lovers. After Megastar Chiranjeevi praised Akhil’s Performance in the film it went to a different level altogether. Celebrities like Ram Charan, Rana, and Naga Chaitanya also poured with wishes to Akhil apart from his parents. Among all this, the young actor is impressed by one particular message sent by a girl.

In a recent press meet, he discussed, about so many people messaging him about his performance in the movie “Hello”, and how good it is. But one message caught my eye and I really liked a girl’s message which read “I am falling in love with you”. I was really touched by it shared Akhil. He, however, did not respond to who the girl he is talking about. Now the media speculates, about who is that someone, whether it is a just a girl fan he referred or someone he knows, still remains a suspense. Akhil surely learned how to handle the media, quickly gave a smile and escaped the question when asked twice.

It is the open truth that, Akhil’s love affair ended without leading into the marriage. As soon as he came out of it, he started shooting for Hello. Akhil stated that presently all his focus is in movies and want to do Telugu films only.

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