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Akhil Movie Release Date Confirmed

Akhil Movie Release Date Confirmed

Akkineni Nagarjuna to finalize the movie release dates of his and his son’s movie is going to be the final decision. He felt happy after watching the whole movie Raju Gari Gandhi.Nagarjuna also finalized the release date of the movie as October 13th. He also had a look at Akhil movie shooting. The movie is going to be a romantic love story. Kalyani Priya Darshan is going to play the female lead role in the film.

Akhil is busy with his second movie shoot in Ramoji Film city. Once Nagarjuna had a visit to the movie shoot and got shocked with the movie team works. He also encouraged Director Vikram and Cinematographer PS Vinod by congratulating their work. Finally, he revealed the release date for the Akhil second movie on December 22nd. we have to say that December month is very special to Nagarjuna. most of his hit movies released in December.

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