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Catherine Tresa In Gautham Nanda Movie

Catherine Tresa In Gautham Nanda Movie

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Catherine Tresa In Gautham Nanda Movie: Hero Gopichand and director Sampath Nandi combination movie ‘Goutham Nanda’. It is getting ready to come front of the audience this week. When it seems to see trailer and posters Sampath Nandi make this film with a huge budget. The movie takes high cost and the film was sold at good rates in all area theater before release. The film unit members say that the producers have already get more profits. Remaining all benefits after the release of the movie. Catherine Tresa looks more beautiful in this film are going to be a plus for the film.

In this film along with Gopichand played Hansika and Catherine Tresa. The competition between Hansika and Catherine Tresa they express their beauty to attract the mass audience. Film unit members saying Catherine exposed in Bikini so audience like it. Recently, Catherine Teresa said that she had never been so glamorous in her career. Past few years Gopichand film’s have no success. whether this film is going to be successful.

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