Amanchi Krishna Mohan allegations on Karanam Balaram election affidavit

Amanchi Krishna Mohan allegations on Karanam Balram election affidavit
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YSP candidate Amanchi Krishnamohan has approached the High Court saying that Chirala MLA Karanam Balaram’s election is invalid.
It is alleged Karan Balaram affidavit is false and Karanam Balaram has four children.
The accused in the election affidavit showed that there were only three.
He also presented evidence in this regard to the High Court and asked him to be given an opportunity as an MLA to file a disqualification.
Speaking to the media at the YCP office in Vijayawada, Amanchi had put the evidence of his allegations before the media.

In the election affidavit, the name of one wife was named Karanam Saraswati.
He added that his wife had not mentioned maternity at the same time.

She was born in 1989 at St. Theresa’s Hospital in Hyderabad.
In the Ambika SSC Certificate, the father’s name on the Aadhaar card is Karanam Balaramakrishna Murthy, he said.

He said that Ambika Krishna is currently studying in LLB and that Karan has another daughter and needs to be revealed.

He has stated that Karan’s nomination cannot be treated as a lawful nomination under the provisions of the election law and he must declare his nomination invalid.
Balaram said in his petition that the election should be cancelled.


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