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Dangal Collection Rumors

Amir Khan Dangal Movie Collections Rumors

Amir Khan Dangal Movie Collections Rumors:

As all know Amir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ movie got highest collections which never seen or heard. Mainly in China ‘Dangal’ got unimaginable collections. The film unit members officially declared that above 1000 crores of collections in China. And 2000 crores of collections in Bollywood. They declared even in national channels as ‘Dangal’ got 2000 crores of collections.

One of the film producers directly said that ‘Dangal’ movie 2000 crores of collections are just rumors. Their movie didn’t reach 2000 crores of collections and even don’t have hopes it will reach those collections. They got 1864 crores of collections with China. For 2 weeks China ran well and collected 1200 crores. Present ‘Dangal’ is India’s no.1 movie. If ‘Bahubali’ got 300 crores of collections in China, then ‘Dangal’ will comes to 2nd place.



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