Amit Shah Showcases His Overconfidence Yet Again

Amit Shah Showcases His Overconfidence Yet Again

Amit Shah Showcases His Overconfidence Yet Again

Posted May 29, 2018, 6:33 pm at 18:33

The main rival of AP people, Amit Shah dared to utter confident claims regarding his party in Andhra Pradesh. This BJP National Chief’s recent take on AP Politics reflects his overconfidence which has been ridiculed by his rivals.Not many knew that more than the Indian PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah is the low key decision maker in the BJP. having a tag name of King Maker, Amit Shah limited himself to party affairs by not having any designated posts in the Central Government. On a mission to conquer South India, he dared to ditch the State of AP as he took the people for granted and backstabbed AP in the name of Special Category Status. After four years of promise, Amit backs on his promise by stating that Status cannot be given but they are helping AP more than any other State.

In a recent press meet, this BJP head declared that despite rejecting Special Status for the State of AP, his party’s still going strong. No one understands the reason for his overconfidence. Already the people got vexed with the BJP for its crazy acts like demonetization, GST etc. The Special Status issue just made them worse and the result will be quite visible in 2019 general elections.

Not stopping there, Amit Shah opined that the AP BJP will be growing bigger in order to checkmate TDP in AP. He revealed that he will be touring the States of AP and Telangana post-Karnataka in the upcoming months. Shah quashed the rumors of his alliances with either TRS in Telangana or with YSRCP in AP as it is too early to discuss.

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