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Anasuya says she is not ‘Aunty’! Then what is she?

Anasuya says she is not ‘Aunty’! Then what is she?

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Jabardasth anchor and small-time actress Anasuya Bharadwaj has been a sensation on the small screen. With her limited apparel and doubled line talks, she has become the ‘most wanted’ anchor in the recent times. Anasuya is also a part of a couple of movies. She has recently extended her support towards Jabardasth Aadi and spoke positively about the Jabardasth comedy show. Though she has faced a backlash from many people, she recently took to social media to take part in a live chat with her fans/followers.

anasuyaDuring the chat, a Facebook user said, ‘Hai Anu aunty. How are you?’ Immediately, the anchor-cum-actress lost her temper and started lashing out at the Facebook user. She said, ‘With all the beard and mustache you look like an uncle to me. How the hell you can call me aunty? First learned to behave properly.’

‘The word ‘aunty’ has become profane. People are using it absurdly,’ said Anasuya.

On the other hand, few people are commenting, ‘Anasuya is close to 40 years. If not aunty, what should be termed as? A young girl?’.

The Facebook user who called her ‘Aunty’ went calm, but Anasuya raged the social media, even though it was for few minutes.

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