Anil Kapoor Triumphs Over AI in Personality Rights Case


Anil Kapoor Triumphs Over AI in Personality Rights Case:

In the ongoing battle between humans and artificial intelligence, a noteworthy development has emerged. Renowned actor Anil Kapoor recently took a stand to secure the rights to his own personality.

Kapoor filed a case in the Delhi High Court seeking protection for various aspects of his persona, including his name, image, behavior, and voice. Represented by his lawyer, Ameer Naik, Kapoor emerged victorious in the case.

The court granted him legal protection for all his personality attributes, preventing their unauthorized use on social media or elsewhere. Kapoor expressed his satisfaction with the court’s decision, emphasizing its progressive significance not just for him but also for fellow actors in this era of evolving artificial intelligence.

anil kapoor triumphs over ai in personality rights case
Anil Kapoor Triumphs Over AI in Personality Rights Case

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