Announce Crow as national bird – Prakash Raj


Announce Crow As National Bird – Prakash Raj

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Film actor and social activist once again became the hot topic for the media. Speaking at a social gathering, Prakash Raj came down hard on the Centre. ‘If having Hindus in large numbers make India as Hindu Nation, then why can’t you make Crow as our national crow?

We have more crows than peacocks (our national bird), in our country. If your measure is by numbers in labelling India as a ‘Hindu Nation’, then immediately announce Crow as our national bird.

I’m still shocked why Narendra Modi did not speak on those who celebrated the murder of Senior Journalism Gauri Lankesh in Bangalore? This is not what we expect from the PM of our Nation. This is the reason why I protest against him’, said Prakash Raj.

The actor has been causing a rage on social media with his tweets on Twitter. Though he seems to be a clear anti-BJP activist, he makes a lot of sense through his tweets, and messages across various social platforms. In recent times, not only his followers on Twitter has increased, but people supporting him have also increased in large numbers.

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