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Another Heroine comes in support of Pawan Kalyan

Another Heroine comes in support of Pawan Kalyan

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Power star Pawan Kalyan and Kathi Mahesh’s row is the hot trending topic in Tollywood but a boring for many too. Till now the fight was only on social media limiting itself to tweets and counter-tweets. But now it has come on to the roads as well. All the prime television news channels are only focusing on Kathi Mahesh and have been ignoring all the important issues of the Telugu states as well as the Country.

Many people reacted to it and came forward to support PK, but Pawan Kalyan has sealed his lips about this whole issue and not addressed it in public so far. However, few people from the industry came in support of PK. One of them is writer Kona Venkat whereas the other one is actress Poonam Kaur. Poonam though did not take Kathi Mahesh’s name directly lashed out at him indirectly using social media as a platform has become the bait for Mahesh.

Now another actress also came out in support of PK and spoke about the issue. She is none other than Bujjigadu fame Sanjjanaa. “Certain people should find better ways to get noticed and practice hard work instead of finding fame in trying to defaming the dignified and successful. We are with u Pawan Kalyan sir”. Sanjjanaa tweeted sharing her picture with PK.

The actress has shared the screen space with Powerstar in Sardaar Gabbar Singh. She acted in the wife role of villain Sharad Kelkar. Later the actress is least seen in Telugu movies and she moved to Sandalwood. Presently with her supporting tweet, she became the talk of the town in Tollywood.

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