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Bhagmati Delay Reason…?

Anushka Bhagmati movie release delay due to graphics

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Anushka Bhagmati movie release delay due to graphics: It buzzed that ‘Bhagmati’ movie will be released after the Bahubali movie within a week which is directed by ‘Pillajamindar’ movie Dame director Ashok in UV Creations banner. It’s been months but there is nothing news about ‘Bhagmati’ movie. The film unit members didn’t give any clarity that what is the reason for movie delay. The director Ashok didn’t give any clarity that how the movie looks like, about the concept of the movie, and how Anushka will look…? From six months onwards the movie is releasing soon but no use.

Finally, the reason is out why the movie is getting the delay. Before ‘Bhagmati’ movie Anushka did ‘Size Zero’ movie. For that movie, Anushka gained up to 90kgs but from 2 years she is trying her level best to lose weight which is not happening. So, they made the ‘Bhagmati’ movie in the same weight but to show Anushka lean using high-level graphics in each and every frame of Anushka they want to show her in 50kgs. For this the producers are spending extra 5 crores it seems. It’s buzzing that due to graphics this movie is getting late. ‘Bhagmati’ movie can release at the end of this year or in next year summer.

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