Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Anushka Sharma In England Tour…!

The High Commision of India in London hosted the Indian test team. But, there is also Vitrat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma with the team members. It is really weird one that As said BCCI barred the players’ wives and girlfriends until this test series completed. Though, Anushka has attended this gathering, How is it possible…?

According to the reports, the BCCI has also decided that WAGs of India cricket stars can join with their partners for only 14 days after the first two weeks of a 45-day tour in future. However, Anushka’s presence helps Kohli and he has made his maiden hundred in England. Although, Anushka was cheering as he scored 100 and she has kissed their wedding ring to celebrate the occasion. So, BCCI posted the photo of the Indian team on Twitter.


Finally, Kohli stood as the no.1 batsman in Test world rankings and he is also no.1 in ODI rankings. By this century he reached the top place and pushed steven smith to the second rank.


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