TDP Haters Ridiculously Attacked CBN And Anushka Shetty

Nandamuri and TDP completed their

Day by day, the terms ‘Negativity’ and ‘Hatred’ are getting increased day by day among the people. Especially in the social networking sites, the level of hatred reached a new peak these days. Looking at a recent internet attack of haters on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is quite disturbing.anushka shetty in hari krishna CondolencesEach and every Public figure has anti-fans along with hardcore followers. These anti-fans used to fight with the fans in the past. But in this Internet-loving generations, these fans use the technology to directly ridicule their anti-heroes and celebrities. Yesterday, CBN got busy taking care of the proceedings of late Nandamuri Hari Krishna’s death being a relative to the demised. As a part of the mournings, he is consoling the visitors and greeted every celebrity who visited the Chaitanya Radham’s Driver. On this note, a picture got floated on the internet where CBN with rather a smile is greeting the Baahubali fame Anushka Shetty in the house of Hari Krishna. The greeting is a formal one and CBN just followed the courtesy. But the anti-fans of CBN used this picture to slam the Yellow fort’s King by calling him names. The trolls are so abusive that they can’t be reiterated for the second time.

Not even caring about the situations CBN were at the time, these so-called anti-fans of Nandamuri and TDP completed their mission of throwing mud at the AP CM. The percentage of these trollers is less than 10% but still, they should be punished for all the hatred they are spreading across the internet. A great concern has been raised by maximum netizens regarding this abusive trolls.


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