Unraveling The Mystery Behind Narayana Colleges Scoring Top Ranks In IIT JEE

Narayana Colleges

Narayana Junior Colleges Success in IIT JEE

The hot topic of discussion in the entire nation is Narayana and its never ending top results in JEE Advanced. Once again with 13 ranks in the top 10, and 65 ranks in the top 100 in JEE Advanced level, Narayana has raised the bar way too high. The JEE Advanced 2018 results have smashed all the past records of Narayana Colleges. It is not the first time that Narayana has given the country such wondrous talents. Ever since last four decades, it has been the hub of awe-inspiring tales: Success stories of all the IIT aspirants.

Data shows that most of the toppers of JEE, both Mains and Advanced, were students of Narayana.

Secret Facts about Narayana:

The reason behind such consistent performance is the quality of education and training Narayana renders to them. At a press conference, the Directors, Dr. P Sindhu Narayana and Ms. P Sharani, proudly spoke on the performance of the top rankers. They said that the result was a continuation of Narayana’s success across all competitive examinations of 2018. They also mentioned in their praises that the reason behind such inspiring triumph is the unparalleled teaching methodology at Narayana. All the students and especially the IT aspirants are paid individual attention by the faculty. They undergo both theoretical and practical learning with the aid of updated technology at Narayana. With an undying support from the experienced teachers, every student here gets maximum exposure to perform. There is a thorough understanding of concepts from basic to complex in subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics that boosts their confidence.

Narayana ‘walks the walk’ in literal sense. Its remarkable performance over the time has effectively shown that it believes in doing rather than saying, or boasting off for that matter. It has earned it spurs by keeping its faith alive in the teaching procedures and imparting the best-in-town education. Quora and Glassdoor are flooded with reverences for Narayana by the high-spirited students. They have posted in numbers including their positive experience at Narayana, how they cracked JEE exams, how they secured seats in top notch engineering colleges, and how the teachers constantly supported them throughout their journey.

Top Rankers Testimonials:

Talking about the superior test modules provided by Narayana, JEE Advanced qualified candidate Ashutosh Kumar stated, “The questions were good and you should try them”. “At the time of exam for practice, it was sufficient”, he added.


“They are more than enough if you can answer all the questions and know the concept behind all the questions”, said YashKulshrestha, pass out, JEE Advance, 2016.

Another delighted candidate Pankaj Gupta wrote on Quora, “If you have completed the whole thing then that’s great. You will definitely get a rank under 500.”

Not just the students, but the teachers as well as the jocund parents have been showering words of praise on Narayana’s unique style and technique. “I was confident of the success of my son. Shubham has an excellent track record in education since his childhood days. My son’s success would have not been possible without the coaching and support of the teachers of Narayana”, said MukeshAtri, father of ShubhamAtri who secured 3rd position in Delhi in JEE Advanced,2017.



U.P. Singh, Director Narayana IIT NEET Academy (Dwarka branch) said, “I run a Talent Adoption Program in which I support the students who are not financially strong. It includes Coaching fee, school fee, transportation fee, hostel fee, books, etc. We at Narayana Institute, feel a greater sense of accomplishment and happiness when students get good rank in the examination. The dedication and hard work of students always pays off. ArshGautam, who achieved an all India rank of 72 in JEE Advanced Examination, Avanishkumarsingh, who got Rank 23 is a part of this talent adoption program.”

Standyou is one of India’s leading online data-driven research tools. It is a marketplace of coaching institutes that helps students in finding the right career option and coaching institutes for them. The CEO of Standyou, Mr. PriyankShrivastava said that proven teaching methodology and right guidance by coaching institutes can help students in getting success in highly competitive exams like JEE Main and Advanced. Narayana is upstaging because of reasons alike.

The top rankings and matchless scores are not a recent phenomenon for Narayana. It has been stealing the limelight and walking on water since long. In 2017, approx. 50% of the Narayana’s students made it into the top rankers of JEE Advanced. The percentage has been on a rising trend. These top rankings validate its supremacy in IIT examination training.


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