Arjun Reddy fans reply To Anasuya

Arjun Reddy fans trash Anasuya

Arjun Reddy fans trash Anasuya

Here comes another controversy on Vijay devaraonda’s latest film Arjun Reddy. The controversies on the film are equally raising on with the collections of the film. Recently, Anchor Anasuya joins the group making latest controversy on the film. She says the diologues of the film are women abusive and there are chances of misleading youth using the words as trend. She further more says she couldn’t even dare to watch the film. On these words of Anasuya, Arjun Reddy fans trash Anasuya and are agressive towards her giving tit for tat comments.

Some of the people gave her reply saying aunty chill, while some of them questioned her asking what is she doing when Jabardasth if always trolling and using abusive words on Women. They trolled her asking to stop laughing in her show Jabardasth while women are trolled with abusive words. It is to see, how Anasuya reacts on these comments of fans.

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