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Artificial intelligence will replace Tasks not the Jobs

As all we know for the Hr department also we heard the rumors are the same when the arrival of Digital HR the whole world was shocked. Employees got tensed regarding the jobs.

Actually, until now, the rumors are still spreading across the world. So many SME’s are trying to convince the people that there is not any tool or software invented for the reduction of manforce in the organizations.they are subjecting that tasks going to be replaced but not the Jobs.

You might have wondered that Artificial intelligence is the Lime fresh technology that needs to be adapted in the on growing world. However, the Question is how this is going to replace the Jobs and tasks in the Upcoming world?

Even with computing technologies improving at that steady, inexorable rate, jobs may be being destroyed faster than they are created.

What Jobs are at Risk?

These middle-skilled structured tasks, routine information processing tasks will continue to be under a lot of pressure: bookkeepers, travel agents, legal aids maybe not lawyers or attorneys but the first level associates. I already talked to one big law firm and they said they’re not hiring as many of those sorts of people because a machine can scan through hundreds of thousands or millions of documents and find the relevant information for a case or a trial much more quickly and accurately than a human can.

As computerized cars are already being developed and the declining cost of sensors makes augmenting vehicles with advanced sensors increasingly cost-effective, the automation of transportation and logistics occupations is in line with the technological developments documented in the literature.

For which section it is going to effect soon?

The computerization of production occupations simply suggests a continuation of a trend that has been observed over the past decades, with industrial robots taking on the routine tasks of most operatives in manufacturing. As industrial robots are becoming more advanced, with enhanced senses and dexterity, they will be able to perform a wider scope of non-routine manual tasks. From a technological capabilities point of view, the vast remainder of employment in production occupations is thus likely to diminish over the next decade.

They also predict disruption to jobs in services industries from personal and household services robots, automation of more routine sales roles, such as cashier and telemarketers, and from prefabrication of buildings to construction jobs.

Which Roles can be Nourished in the Age of Machines?

Human Resource managers

It’s kind of in the name but your company’s Human Resources department will likely always need a human at the helm to manage interpersonal conflict with the help of non-cognitive and reasoning skills. The field is projected to grow 9% by 2024 as companies grow and need more robust structures for supporting and helping employees.

Event Planning

Event planning is a Growing Feild, and if you ask anyone on our events team here at HubSpot, whether you’re planning an event for employees, customers, or an Industrial event with tens of thousands of attendees, the planning process has many, many moving parts involved. Planners have to coordinate and negotiate with vendors, contractors, and freelancers to make things come together, and the organizational and people skills involved will make this another near-impossible role to automate. And so many are in the changing Positions and the exact information is not released by experts.

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