Rahul trying to establish a perfect Opponent for KCR

Rahul trying to establish a perfect Opponent for KCR

The AICC Chief is quite happy with the way the things are progressing regarding the Congress Party in Telangana compared to the past. However, this leader has discovered the fact that despite many senior leaders in TPCC, the camp lacks a perfect opponent to their rival KCR.


Congress camp of Telangana worked hard to reunite all the leaders to strengthen the party. Their energy levels reached new heights with the super success of Rahul’s Public meeting. In spite of all these, the Chief can clearly point out the missing thing in TPCC. It is not about the leadership but a perfect leader who can fume fire on KCR and irk the TRS fort regularly. For the same reason, the State head Uttam Kumar Reddy roped the firebrand leader K Revanth on board from T-TDP. Seems this act yielded no results from Revanth as the newbie of Congress utterly failed to stress neither KCR not his son KTR in recent times. So the Telangana Congress desperately needs a firebrand leader who can constantly poke the TRS leaders.

Telangana Congress leaders

It came to know that Rahul has ordered the Telangana Congress leaders to maintain unity among themselves. Also, they were advised to gain more knowledge on the TRS Governments’ schemes to counter them whenever they can.


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