“Asha Pasham” Song C/O Kancaharapalem


"Asha Pasham" Song C/O Kancaharapalem

“Asha Pasham Bandhi Chesele….” Amazing music, EXTRAordinary lyrics. What a song… It makes us think, enjoy, and feel. Really it is a heart touching song. The magical music by Sweekar Agasthi, mesmerizing voice of Anurag Kulkarni, Lyrics from Vishwa’s pen. Can get ecstasy by those three elements in the form of this song. Kanacharapalem was picturized based on real stories of Kancaharapalem peoples. So, it is too natural, now every song of this film seems natural. Now, this song also.


Kanacharapalem movie director is Venkatesh Maha and producer is Praveena Paruchuri. And, Rana presents this movie under the banner of Suresh Productions. Many celebrities watched the premiers of the movie and expressed their feeling through Twitter. Everyone connects to this story of this fil. Though, the movie coming on 7th September but Manu and Silly Fellows, Premaku Rain check, Ee Maya Peremito movie also releasing on the same day. So, will see the results of all these movie results and importantly about this C/O Kanacharapalem.


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