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Babayi As Father, Abbayi As Son @NTR Biopic

The most awaiting biopic is NTR. The curiosity on the movie is increasing step by step. Though the team reveals about other characters in the film; what about the roles of NTR sons? Nara Chandrababu Naidu is Rana Daggubati, Chandra Babu’s wife Bhuvaneswari is Manjeema Mohan. We know only Hari Krishna, Bala Krishna, Rama Krishna and Bhuvaneswari & Purandheswari though NTR has 7 sons and 4 daughters. So, the director should present the at least main roles such as Hari Krishna, Bala Krishna, Rama Krishna, Purandheswari.ntr familySo, director Krish and Bala Krishna are moving towards that matter. Actually, Bala Krishna has small issues with Jr.NTR and Kalyan Ram in the past. So, he didn’t approach them for any character in this biopic. In the recent interview, Kalyan Ram also said that no one approaches him for asking to act in the biopic. Unexpectedly, Nandamuri Hari Krishna passed away. So, recently, Balayya and Jr.ntr, Kalyana talked together normally. Though, Balayya wants to make Kalyan Ram as Hari Krishna for this movie, according to the sources. If really Balayya asks him, he definitely says okay for it. So, finally, Hari Krishna role has decided.Kalyan Ram as Hari KrishnaNow, another main role is Bala Krishna. For this role, all fans want to see Jr.NTR in Bala Krishna role. If it really workouts, the hypes will be going big. Just imagine Jr.NTR as Bala Krishna. But, maybe Balayya take his son Mokshgna for his role. So, we will wait for the official announcement. Kalyana Ram may maximum fix for Hari Krishna’s role. Though, Jr.NTR rejected the NTR character in Mahanati movie. But, this is Balayya role so if Balayya asks he may accept.ntr and balakrishna

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