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Director says I am not any doing a movie with Prabhas!

Atlee Says I am Not Doing Any Movie With Prabhas

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Tamil film ‘Mersal’ went on to become a big hit in Kollywood. Given the success of Mersal, the film’s director, Atlee became a well-known name in Tollywood. Few Tollywood producers offered Atlee quite a number of films in Telugu. It was heard that Mahesh’s next movie would be Atlee. But it remained just as a rumour.

Recently, various online websites and social media reported that Atlee’s next film would be with Prabhas and Akhil in Telugu. These websites went few steps ahead, and also reported Atlee drafted a unique story for Prabhas. Currently, Prabhas is shooting for his upcoming action-adventure film ‘Sahoo’. After Sahoo, Prabhas would be acting in the film with ‘Jil’ fame, director Radha Krishna Kumar. The rumoured Atlee-Prabhas movie is likely to go onto sets towards the end of 2018.

After these rumours started trending, director Atlee chose to make things clear for once and all. ‘Currently, I am not doing any film with Prabhas. I am not sure whether I would ever direct a movie in Telugu in the first place. And there is no truth even in the rumour that I am drafting a story for Akhil’, said the director.

With his statement, it is pretty clear these are all nothing but rumours created by the social media and few film circles. Given the director’s statement, it is also clear that he may not even direct a Telugu film in future.

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