Jagan’s Attacker, An Ardent Fan Of His

Jagan’s Attacker, An Ardent Fan Of His

The most sensational case Attack on the Opposition leader Jagan Mohan Reddy is shaking entire AP. As the AP Police started uncovering the facts from the culprit, groundbreaking details are revealed from the latter.

AP witnessed a Knife attack on YSRCP Supreme Jagan at Visakhapatnam International Airport today morning. Jagan immediately rushed to the hospital and later this leader declared that he is safe via his Official Twitter handle. Meanwhile, the DGP Thakur formed a SIT and the team arrested the attacker and uncovered a nine-page letter from him. He is identified as Srinivas from Amalapuram. They also released a picture of culprit which is boggling the minds of all.

Srinivas was seen along with Jagan

In the released picture, Srinivas was seen along with Jagan on a plexi wishing all a Happy New Year and Pongal wishes for the year 2018. He is claiming himself as a hardcore fan and follower of Jagan to the Police. DGP is suspecting that Srinivas did everything to gain popularity and attention from the media and people. This picture is going viral across the social networking sites.


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