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‘Balakrishnudu’ Review

‘Balakrishnudu’ Review

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Nara Rohit is one hero who continued doing films irrespective of the hit and flop ratio. He is often known for his selection of unique films. His recent film, ‘Balakrishnudu’ released today. Let us see whether he has fared well or failed at the box office!


The film is set in the Rayalaseema region which is known for its factionists. Many people are killed in the name of faction by factionist leaders and groups. The two siblings, Ravinder Reddy (Aditya Menon) and Bhanumathi (Ramya Krishna) from Kurnool aim to change the mindset of the people. They both work together and develop the village. They stand as support to the people in the village. Ravinder Reddy’s counterpart, BC Reddy gets jealous over the former’s popularity and admiration in the village. He tries to stop the noble activities being carried out by Ravinder Reddy. Knowing this, Ravinder Reddy humiliates BC Reddy in front of the villagers. Unable to take humiliation, BC Reddy commits suicide. Soon, BC Reddy’s son Prathap Reddy (Ajay) and his group kill Ravinder Reddy.

Bhanumathi who is raged over the death of her brother starts killing each and every one in Prathap Reddy group. Realizing his death is inevitable, Prathap Reddy surrenders to the police. During his stint in the jail, Prathap Reddy plans the death of Bhanumathi’s niece Aadhya (Regina). On knowing this, Bhanumathi employs Balu (Nara Rohit) as Aadhya’s bodyguard. Balu develops a close relationship with Aadhya without letting her know who he is. Meanwhile, Prathap Reddy gets released from the jail earlier than thought for his good conduct. The rest of the story is how Prathap Reddy planned to kill Aadhya, how did Balu manage to save her from Prathap Reddy and what is the final conclusion of the movie.


Nara Rohit’s physical appearance comes as a surprise. Except for few scenes and songs where he is seen sporting a six-pack, he looks chubby for the rest of the film. Nara Rohit failed to impress the audience with his dance and fights. Things went so bad for him that, Regina had more screen time in the song before the pre-climax. The whole film revolves around Regina’s Aadhya character. She has done justice for her role in the film.

Though Ramya Krishna character seemed like it is a lot of depth, it slows deteriorates with the runtime. Ajay who has acted as the main villain failed to show ‘new mannerisms’ in the film. Prudhvi (30-years Industry) is the only one who has to be credited in the film. With his impeccable timing and dialogue delivery, he manages to entertain the audience for a good while. Vennela Kishore, Raghubabu, Srinivas Reddy and others performed their roles decently well. 

The film is a complete letdown form the director Pavan Mallela. There was nothing new in the whole film. The story, narration, and screenplay seemed very routine. Mani Sharma’s troubles as music director continue even with this film. On the whole, Nara Rohit wholeheartedly disappointed his fans and audience by acting in a routine and a boring movie.

Plus Points:

  • Regina’s skin show for B & C Centers
  • Initial screen presence of Ramya Krishna


  • Everything in the film

Punchline: The film lacks punch in everything. Skip it and save your bucks. Rating: 2.5/5

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