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‘Devi Sri Prasad’ Review

‘Devi Sri Prasad’ Review

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The film ‘Devi Sri Prasad’ clearly represents the new trend of filmmaking in Telugu Film Industry. The whole concept of the film revolves around a single point; Sex with a dead body. If a director approached a producer with this kind of concept a decade ago, he would be immediately necked-out of the office. But it is really a gutsy move from the director to come out with such a strong ‘negative point’. The film is loosely based on a Korean movie.


The film opens with three friends; Devi, Sri, and Prasad. Devi works as an auto driver, while Sri works in a hospital as ward boy and Prasad runs a tea stall. Each has a different characterization in the film. Devi by nature is ‘wild’ guy. Sri is more like a ‘go with the wind’ type while Prasad seems to be the ‘good guy’ in the film. All the three friends like the heroine ‘Leela’. After they come to know that their favourite heroine is participating in a shooting nearby they go to the location. Later they come to know that Leela has died in an accident.

The heroine’s dead body will be brought to the hospital where Sri is working. Sri informs the same to Devi and Prasad. On seeing Leela (dead body) from a very close distance, pervert thoughts occupy the mind of Devi. Suddenly Leela comes to life. The rest of the story is about how Leela came to life, what has happened and how do the lives of these three friends turn out to be.


The film revolves around the basic thought of, ‘there is no security for women even after their death’. The director chose to tell this serious subject in a unique and different manner. We can say, the director has been successful in expressing what he wanted to tell. When the film’s script revolves around a crime story, it is very important to have a logical explanation for the most part. But the director clearly moves too far away from logic. The best part of the whole film is its run-time. Being a 90-minute feature film, it’s crisp and paced. One has to appreciate the director’s effort in making the film with just 5 characters.

Bhupal, Dhanraj, and Manoj Nandan as Devi, Sri, and Prasad have done justice to their roles. Pooja Ramachandran played the character of ‘Leela’. The heroine managed to perform well in her role. Kraman’s music helps in elevating the mood of the film, and Cinematography from Phanindra Varma seems decent. Few dialogues from the film surely accompany us till home. Sekhar Vikyath has written the dialogues for the film.

Plus Points:

  • Plot of the film
  • Direction
  • Lead Actors


  • The film misses Logic by too much

Telugu Bullet Punchline: ‘Devi Sri Prasad’, is a clear hint of youth in today’s society

Rating: 2.75 / 5

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