Balayya 103rd Movie Fix..

Balayya movie with Anil Ravipudi

Balayya movie with Anil Ravipudi

Nandamuri Bala Krishna is once again on sucess track with his 101st movie Paisa Vasool under Puri jagannadh’s direction. It is already known about his 102nd movie finalization before starting on Paisa Vasool shoot. Now, Balayya 103rd movie details are out. Everyone along with Balayya initially expects to do his 103rd movie with Boyapati, but rather chooses young director Anil Ravipudi. Balayya movie with Anil Ravipudi gets finalize.

as per the reports, Anil Ravipudi after the success of Patas movie, makes Balayya listen to a script, but unfortunately the movie didn’t move forward. Later After the sucess of Supreme movie of Anil Reddy, now, Balayya decides on to give Anil Ravipudi his 103th movie. Anil is working on necesary changes for the script. Currently Anil Ravipudi is working on Ravi teja’s upcoming film ‘Raja Dhi Great’. Once the film gets release, Anil moves on to the sets of Balayya’s 103rd movie.

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