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BAN Indian Films

Indian films are releases all around the globe and every released film got decent collections at the box office in their respective state and other countries. Indian films create good revenue for particular governments through entertainment tax, no one want to reject the revenue that it got from films. but Pakistan seems like the complete opposite of this rule.

BAN Indian Films

Going into the details, from the past two years, Pakistan is known to have restricted a few Indian movies from being screened in the country. While there was never a sweeping boycott and was for the most part based on Eid releases and the substance of the film, the Pakistan Film Producers Association (PFPA) is presently requesting a complete ban. The PFPA has inquired as to why Indian movies ought to be allowed a release in Pakistan when India doesn’t screen Pakistani movies. “If that Indian partners and associations can stand firm and do everything for the welfare of their industry, at that point for what reason right? They have prohibited our craftsmen and movies previously so what’s halting us?” he addressed.

The PFPA has also presented an appeal

The PFPA has also presented an appeal to ask for a restriction on Indian movies at the Lahore High Court and said that the Pakistani film industry has been confronting troubles because of the ubiquity of Indian movies in the nation. To respond on this ban PFEA reacted aggressively by saying that PFPA should focus around resuscitating the local industry and deliver more movies as opposed to demanding such bans. In 2018, Pakistan film Associations banned Bollywood movies like Alia Bhatt’s Raazi, Jhon Abraham’s Parmanu which are made against Pakistan.

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