Devotees Protest Against Sabarimala Verdict

Activist Rahul Easwar

God Never set any kind of rules to people, Devotees themselves implies certain rules to god. Now, same rules creating a tremours to the people. On September 28, a five-judge Constitution seat, headed by then Justice Dipak Misra, lifted the prohibition on the entry of women of menstrual age into the temple.

Now, A great many Lord Ayyappa devotees today rampaged in Kochi to challenge the implementation of the Supreme Court decision entering women into Sabarimala temple. The Communist Party of India drove Left Democratic Front government, which chose to actualize the ruling, conducted a meeting to assess the arrangements did for leaders at the temple which will open on October 17. In spite of the fact that the government has not responded to Desai’s arranged excursion to the temple yet, it has evoked sharp responses from Ayyappa devotees and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is conducted a campaign against the entry of women into the temple.

BJp campaign creates huge ruckus at Kerala state, few people said that government playing with devotee feelings, even court has lifted the ban then why BJPprotesting about it, they stated. Now, Lot of ayyapa devotees Holding cards bearing pictures of Lord Ayyappa and droning his psalms, the nonconformists walked through the bustling streets of Kochi, the state’s business center, in the wake of propelling the mix from the celebrated Shiva temple there.

five-day month to month pooja period,

Activist Rahul Easwar, who effectively declared yearning strike at Sabarimala amid the five-day month to month pooja period, said they would stop Trupti Desai on the off chance that she endeavours to visit the Lord Ayyappa Temple. Other than BJP, the resistance Congress was also against the government’s decision and stretched out help to the devotee’s strike.


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