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HomelatestWarning: Hyderabadis, Be Careful If Your Buying ‘unsealed’ Oil

Warning: Hyderabadis, Be Careful If Your Buying ‘unsealed’ Oil

Be Careful If Your Buying ‘unsealed’ Oil In Hyderabad

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India is known for population and adulteration equally. While everyone is about population, adulteration requires a slight introduction. Not that you don’t know, but just re-introducing you. One can find adulteration in almost every sector. It is impossible to find an ‘un-adulterated’ product in the Indian market. Such is the rampant level of adulteration.

Talking about our Telugu states, things have become much worse. Thanks to the corrupted officials, and pathetic judicial system, the criminals are never traced, and even if trace, go scot-free. In Guntur, daily commodities like turmeric, chilly powder, and even milk powders have fallen prey to adulteration, killing innocent people.

The Hyderabad police arrested a person named Ghouse, living in Rein Bazaar, Hyderabad. He was found to be preparing oil illegally, without any valid license. The oil prepared from animal carcass and shops was sold to local shops and chemical shop owners, for preparation of phenol, soaps and other daily commodities.

More shockingly, the oil is being sold to roadside vendors who make junk foods, including snacks, and to fast food centres. This is not the first time such arrests took place in Hyderabad. Consuming foods prepared from these oils can lead to serious infections and diseases. In the past, few people complained about health problems, after consuming food at various meat-serving restaurants.The preparation of oil, burning and melting of the animal carcass and wastes makes the air toxic and noxious.

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