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HomelatestTelangana Has The Best IRRIGATION Project In India - Centre

Telangana Has The Best IRRIGATION Project In India – Centre

Telangana Has The Best “IRRIGATION” Project In India – Centre

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Telangana State government has been diplomatic in its approach with the Centre (and BJP). The TS leaders were limited to look after their own state, rather than indulge in mudslinging (on BJP) and other parties, with the exception of Congress and TDP at the state level. Meanwhile, even BJP did not try to provoke any TRS leader, after they realized that KCR is only bothered about the state politics.

The TRS Government is now being hailed for its irrigation projects by the Central Government authorities. The CWC (Central Water Commission) who came on inspection, visited the Kaleshwaram Project. The CWC has given its nod for the construction of the project and hailed for its multipurpose use.

CWC Chief Engineer CKL Das said Kaleshwaram Project is the best irrigation project I have seen so far. ‘I have inspected many projects along the length and breadth of the nation. But I have never come across a project like this. Its multipurpose nature, the speed at which it is being constructed, is absolutely mind-boggling’.

Director of Hydrology, Nityanand Rai said, Kaleshwaram is the best project in the whole of India. The CWC inspection committee assured full co-operation from the Centre and called for a great working relationship on the project.‘The only thing to keep in mind is the upcoming rainy season, and the continuing the same speed of work until the completion of the project,’ said CKL Das.

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