‘He’ Becomes The First Man To Score 12 Penalty points | Will Be punished Every Day For A Year!


‘He’ Becomes The First Man To Score 12 penalty points 

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Driving on Indian roads is nothing short of hell. Many Indian travellers lack basic traffic sense while driving, and hardly follow any traffic rules. Adding to these, we often see pedestrians crossing a busy traffic signal even when the red light is on. They expect a fast-coming vehicle to stop when they sign with their hand. Similarly, over speeding, wrong-route driving, and driving without helmet results in fatal injuries. This situation is much worse in metro cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

To curb the number of accidents, and strictly implement traffic rules, the Hyderabad Traffic came up with a unique system. According to that, whenever a traveller violates traffic rules, he is awarded the point(s) depending on the violation.

Recently, the Hyderabad police shared that Rushab Mahendra from Moula Ali became the first person to accumulate 12 penalty points due to multiple traffic violations. His driving license has been reportedly suspended. He was awarded one point every time for travelling without a helmet, and 2 penalty points after he was caught in cell-phone driving.If Rushab Mahendra is found driving in the coming one year, he can be jailed for 1 month, said Hyderabad Traffic DCP AV Ranganath.

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