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TV Channel – Agnyaathavaasi flopped because of TDP & Janasena

Agnyaathavaasi flopped because of TDP & Janasena

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We Indians are highly superstitious and religious when it comes to the results of elections, exams, films, and literally everything. The same is being injected into the minds of the people, rather with a political motive. The underperformance of Pawan Kalyan – Trivikram movie, Agnyaathavaasi is being linked to TDP by a media house, that has its own press and electronic media.

YSRCP Chief YS Jagan’s media house, Saakshi has come up with this deplorable, wicket and irrational analysis for the failure of Agnyaathavaasi. Saakshi went up to the extent of picturizing TDP and Janasena as bad omens for Pawan Kalyan’s film career.

In its dreadful analysis, Saakshi pointed out that, after TDP came into governance, and Pawan Kalyan announced his party Janasena, his films have flopped at the box office. Surprisingly, films like Gopala Gopala, Sardar Gabbar Singh, Kaatamarayudu which were declared flop, released after Pawan announced his political entry. Though the facts are true, there mere coincidental and nothing more than that.

One can understand that Saakshi (and YS Jagan) is against TDP and Janasena, and rightly cited them as possible reasons or bad omens for the failure of Pawan Kalyan films. Possibly, no one in the world, except Saakshi and YS Jagan will ever have this kind of view. After all, it is media house made by the one, who is often touted as the most corrupted politician in the last decade.

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