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Katthi Mahesh ‘Jai Simha’ review!

Katthi Mahesh ‘Jai Simha’ review!

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One can find live updates of a movie on instant messaging apps and micro-blogging sites. Slowly but steady, a movie’s review has moved from the audience, to online websites, and to individuals.

Though there are over 300+ film critics in the Telugu film industry, Katthi Mahesh stands for out of the crowd. Be it his row with Pawan Kalyan fans, or his bold statements, Katthi Mahesh is also known for his movie reviews. The film critic recently bashed Pawan Kalyan starrer ‘Agnyaathavaasi’, and now it is the turn of Balakrishna starrer ‘Jai Simha’.

In his review about Jai Simha, Katthi Mahesh said, ‘The film sports a 1980 story, with a 1990-styled screenplay. Neither the story or the screenplay follows any course or has any pace. Overall ‘Jai Simha’ is a mashed up cocktail that fails. Balayya’s role is absurd in this nonsensical story. Heroines are absolutely clueless about their existence. Yet another film goes into Agnatham (exile).’

With Katthi Mahesh review, the fate of the film has been decided. Fans might claim it as a blockbuster or a super hit, but the real truth is already out.

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