Jagan Tastes His Own Deed: Bharati’s Name Dragged Into Media

Jagan Tastes His Own Deed: Bharati’s Name Dragged Into Media

In what may be called as a tit and that thing, the YSRCP Supreme Jagan Mohan Reddy had experienced how it feels if someone pulls the family of Politicians.Until now, all the rivals of Jagan used to tag him as Accused One in the ED cases regarding the Bharathi Cements. After all these years, all of a sudden from Telugu to English news dailies published an article on Jagan’s wife Bharati. According to the article, it was claimed that Bharati is actually the accused five in the Bharathi Cements Enforcement Department case. Deeply frustrated by this news, Jagan took his Twitter to outburst at some newspapers and channels. He stated that his rival media is now dragging his own family members into the dirt and questioned their standards and where they were heading in Press Ethics.

Bharati’s Name Dragged Into MediaJagan was enraged just to see an article on his respected wife but he didn’t condemn the news. Jagan is still unclear if he is stating that the news is indeed fake or dragging his family members is wrong.However, the Political followers of AP are now stating that Jagan just got what he did to the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan in the recent times. Jagan had made very controversial allegations on Pawan Kalyan involving his wives. Pawan chose to be silent then as he thought that the time would answer Jagan and now the Janasenani is right. His silence paid off and Jagan understood what it feels like if anyone points out at the family members.


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