After State, Pawan Kalyan To Address National Issues


Janasena Supreme is keeping his aspirations as high than his contemporary Politicians. He is all set to voice out for one of the Nation’s burning issue. Details of this piece of news as follows.Pawan on the day of Janasena’s formation made it very clear that his party’s main motto is to address people’s problems and to question the Government. He proved all the claims as real by his happened course of actions. From Uddanam to the Mega Aqua Park, he became the whole and sole addresser of AP’s issues to the State Government. It is not an exaggeration that the Central Government had stopped Privatising the Visakhapatnam Dredging Corporation after Pawan’s protest for the employees. Coming to the State, ruling party TDP stopped Land Pooling the moment this leader protested for the Undavalli lands.

Janasena Supreme

Now, this leader extended his unconditional support to the Pollution of the holy river Ganga. It is a known thing that the activist Gnanaswaroop Sadanand Ji alias Professor GD Agarwal is protesting to clean the river Ganga relentlessly for the last 48 days. Janasenani the other day declared that his and his party’s support will be with Sadanand Ji unconditionally and he is ready to take the protest to next level if he gets a call. On the same note, Pawan Kalyan pointed out at the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Ganga’s present state. If he addresses this issue in the National media, for sure Pawan will bag some Nationwide fame like never before.


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