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HomelatestPawan To Fast For One Day For Uddanam Kidney Sufferers

Pawan To Fast For One Day For Uddanam Kidney Sufferers

Pawan Kalyan Is Fasting Tomorrow 

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is going to have his first ever official fast in Politics tomorrow. His latest speech in his Uddanam Kidney ailment sufferers interaction explains everything about his fasting.Pawan Kalyan has been repeatedly passing the signs of fastings and public protests since the formation day of his party, Janasena. Till date, he is still maintaining his decency by dialogue and debate but didn’t encourage his Janasainikas to trouble public.

For the first time, he officially announced his fasting against the TDP Government if it fails to provide a Health Minister and a special officer to help Uddanam patients. Its been more than 30 hours and there is no official statement from the CBN and his co. As there is no response from the Government, Pawan’s group is hinting his one day fasting tomorrow. For some people who take this piece of news as anything, Pawan even stopped his Praja Porata Yatra for two days to take a drastic step on Uddanam.

He also stopped the tour citing the reason that his personal security got injured as the Government failed to assist his tour with enough Policemen.If everything goes according to the plan of Janasenani and there is no official announcement from TDP Sarkar, then Pawan will start his one day fast at 7:30 AM and will continue all the day. Also, a press release is expected regarding his fasting from Janasena’s camp.

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