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HomelatestTDP Is Like JDS To The Telangana In 2019: CBN

TDP Is Like JDS To The Telangana In 2019: CBN

Chandrababu AS JDS Role For TDP In Telangana 

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Seems the TDP National Chief is quite confident about his party’s success in the two Telugu States for the upcoming elections of 2019. His recent statement has become the new talk of Political circles in the two Telugu States.CBN has been very active in the recent days as the elections are approaching for his State of AP in order to resume the Power. He is also keen on bagging crucial seats of MP and MLA in the neighbor State Telangana at any cost. After failing to form Government in 2014 Elections in T-State, TDP is trying to increase its cadre in Telangana by including BC and other community leaders.

CBN who is quite delighted with the success of JDS-Congress alliance in Karnataka increased his confidence levels such that he is in a mood that he can repeat the same in Telangana. Leaving his tensions in AP as he is damn sure of winning again, his new target is mission Telangana. In his recent speech, CBN declared that TDP in Telangana will become the King Maker and Government decider just like JDS in Karnataka. CBN opined that the triple fight between BJP, Congress, and TRS will split the votes resulting as a huge advantage to T-TDP. As a result, as BJP is anti-TDP, both T-Congress and TRS will seek the support of T-TDP camp to form Government.

By any means, CBN declares that his party will become the crucial thing in 2019’s general elections of Telangana.Political analysts feel that CBN is thinking far than the party’s capacity. According to them, TRS will regain power at any cost as Congress lost its charm and BJP will not be winning as people are turning anti to it. Let us wait and see the results all by ourselves in a year more.

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