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HomelatestCBN's Act Became The Talk Of The Town:

CBN’s Act Became The Talk Of The Town:

Chandrababu Attends Kumaraswamy Oath Ceremony

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The A.P Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu who has graced the swearing-in ceremony of JD(S) leader Kumaraswamy has grabbed the attention of everyone by moving close to his rivalry party members. Getting into the details, Chandrababu Naidu along with other political bigwigs which also includes Mamata Banerjee, Aravind Kejriwal, Mayawati has attended the swearing-in ceremony not only to show the regards to Kumaraswamy but also to send a warning bells for Namo-Shah led BJP. 

Chandrababu meets Mamata Banerjee

As well all know, the opposition on Narendra Modi and Shah has been increasing rapidly day by day. The BJP which is going on with the only aim of getting into power has been witnessing an anti-incumbency, especially down the south.Everyone knows how the BJP government to name it particularly, the Modi-Shah led BJP government has backstabbed the people of Andhra Pradesh.

 Chandrababu meets Arvind Kejriwal

We all witnessed how BJP has made its move in the Karnataka elections in all the possible ways to get into power. But the Congress and JDS coalition have spilled water on the dreams of Namo-Shah marching towards the South. All the regional party leaders who have attended the ceremony of Kumaraswamy has a clear-cut agenda and it is not a surprise that all the regional parties are getting closer each other to form a new front. On such an occasion, CBN has not only shared the dais with his rivalry party Congress but also greeted the Prime Minister candidate Rahul Gandhi with much affection by patting his shoulder and shaking his hands.

 Chandrababu meets Mayavathi

We all know, Congress is the main culprit behind the bifurcation of A.P and it has witnessed a terrible result in the general elections 2014. But as the situations have been quite different,  the close move of CBN with rivalry party members has grabbed the eyeballs of many. It also sends an impression that TDP and Congress are going to work together for putting a check to the ruling party BJP.CBN also had a brief discussion with Mamatha, Kejriwal and few others regarding the injustice done to A.P by BJP.

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