Pawan Kalyan Continues His Fight Against TDP With New Arrows

Pawan Kalyan Continues Fight On Against Tdp

Pawan Kalyan Continues Fight On Against Tdp

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan’s Praja Yatra Bus tour is getting huge response in Uttarandhra. After starting his first speech Ambedkar’s Bhavan, his reached the town of Palasa.In his roadshow, Pawan Kalyan cheered the Janasainikas with his mark energetic speech. Continuing his potshots at his new rival party TDP, Pawan got a new point to slam the Yellow camp.

This young leader of AP Politics stated that the corruption has just increased in TDP’s ruling as he has been hearing a lot regarding his own son Lokesh’s Governance. He directly attacked the TDP National Chief CBN by asking him if he is aware of his party MLAs corruption in projects and land grabbing.Pawan backed his allegations on TDP by raising the corruption complaints on the local Palasa MLA’s Son In Law. He shot his new bullet by declaring that he has heard enough of all the crimes of Palasa MLA’s Son in Law and demanded CBN to look at him. Janasenani countered BJP and TDP at the same time by stating that as Centre is grabbing peoples’ money in the name of GST, Palasa voters are paying special GST to MLA’s son in law.

Interestingly, Pawan got a huge response during the time he is slamming local MLAs son in law as they are really facing many problems from him. Seems Pawan is making comments with proper research, facts and analysis unlike many politicians. These new allegations are very new and shocking to the common voters of AP who are neutrally observing Pawan’s moves. If this is the case with one constituency, imagine how many MLAs of Government end up with allegations at the end of his complete AP tour.

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